Currently Interviewing for One Opening!

Welcome to Elite Eldercare, an entirely new approach to senior care in Hampton Roads. We currently have three homes in Newport News where we care for seniors that normally would have no option but a traditional nursing home. We are proud to be able to open our homes and offer services ranging from assisted living all the way through skilled nursing care and even Hospice care. The majority of our clients are seniors who need help with most aspects of daily life. We work daily with seniors diagnosed with everything from Parkinson’s or Cancer to those in need of Memory care and advanced Alzheimer’s disease.

Virginia’s Friendliest One-to-One Skilled Nursing Care in Our Brand New Oyster Point Family Home.

What really separates us from the traditional nursing homes though? The answer is, Everything! Instead of a large industrial building  housing  50-300 seniors with a revolving door of strangers and staff, what you will find at Elite is just a normal home. We are small and care exclusively for three seniors in each home. However our impact has been large, both in the lives of those we care for and their families but also in the senior-care community as a whole.  We have a small, tight-knit, continually training and learning team of caregivers that truly care about those they serve and regularly go above and beyond what is expected from the average caregiver.